Creative Journal #2 ESCI

Creative Journal Blog #2 – How can we be more ecofriendly and give back to the land?


For week number two’s creative visual, I decided to construct a little collage full of actions that are in my power to be more ecofriendly. I decided I could leap into action by taking public transit and carpooling to use less gas, walking and biking more often to get to places, reduce the energy that is used to power my house and the last thing which I have been getting better at, is reducing the amount of plastic water bottles I use. The Earth has given us as humans many opportunities to succeed. It is our job to be mindful of the resources that we have been given and make sure that we aren’t destroying the environment that has given us so many opportunities. I know it is easier said than done by doing these ecological pledges as a lot of people might say, but if we can get enough people to buy into being ecofriendly we can have a massive change in how we focus on what is right for the Earth. We need more environmentally friendly leaders to set a good example so more people can follow in the right foot steps to get things turned around.

For my ecological pledges, not only am I helping the environment out, I am also saving money for a lot of these things. Gas and power can be really expensive so reducing these things will help save money. I know my room mates and I have been doing a really good job carpooling this year and instead of blasting the heat in the house we have been throwing on sweaters and using blankets more often and keeping the heat to a reasonable temperature and we have been noticing huge money savings.

InBraiding Sweetgrass, it mentions one of the sacrifices that humans may face when trying to be more ecofriendly and that sacrifice was raising taxes for things that can benefit the environment. I know that some people may disagree with these decisions like the people in the book but we need to do these types of things to raise awareness and take action to be more ecofriendly before it is too late.


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  1. Great work! I enjoy how you talk about being mindful of the resources we use to decrease the damage that we’re doing to our environment. Little actions such as walking, shutting off lights when they’re not being used, and using less plastic bottles as you have stated is a way that we can give back to the environment. I do agree that these are simple actions that can be done, and more people need to help out in order for them to impact our environment.
    Good connection to the reading!


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