What Is A Good Student?

Week #4 – Reading Response:

During this week’s reading, we were asked to break down what it means to be a “good” student according to the article. What I found that this article was trying to say about “good” students in society is that there are a lot of pressures that come from society that shapes what a good student is supposed to be like. Students can sort of put on a mask when they get into a classroom meaning sometimes how a student acts in class isn’t how they act outside of the school. This article suggests that a stereotypical student doesn’t really go against the norms of teaching. A good student is considered to be on time, gets there homework done, engage in class discussions, attends class regularly etc. In every class though, there will be a variety of students who think differently and learn at their own pace and it is our job as teachers to understand the unique learning styles of students. Each student has different qualities, we have to understand what makes a student feel like a good student.

I kind of think that the privileged students in our society come from good families who suggest and teach what it means to be a “good” student.

I think that it is hard to see what a student is actually like and go against the norms of teaching because we have the expectations of a good student in a classroom and what society sees it as. As a teacher we need to realize that we shouldn’t base our classroom off what society sees a good student as and focus more on getting to know our students and individually figure out through their personalities how they can be a good student and not just base each student off one belief that society views a good student as.

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  1. HI Ben! I agree with a lot of what your blog says. Not only do the children that come from “good” families get the title of a good kid they believe that anything they do will be thrown away, but other children should be punished for it. I really liked the part where you said children put on a mask when they walk into the classroom. Changing whole they really are. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Well said Ben. I think it is really interesting that you said that students put on a mask when they enter the classroom. It is just like university, students are always told to “write what the prof wants”. In this sense, students (even in university) are putting on a mask because we are scared to voice our opinions because students are concerned of receiving a bad mark.


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