Curriculum Development

Week #5 – Reading Response:

During this week’s reading response I found that school systems go through a long process with the government that leads to the development of curriculum. Teachers and the government have to agree on what is appropriate to include in a school curriculum. The curriculum that is taught has to show relevance in regards to the social aspect of learning but also the development of the student and then you have to integrate subjects into that which makes it hard to create a curriculum especially with so many teachers having opinions on how the curriculum should be ran.

For me personally, the perspective I have on what the reading provided me with is how hard it would be to get the government and the teachers to agree on one curriculum that is fitting to everyone school system. I just feel like there would be a lot of opinions which would make it tough for everyone to come to a certain decision.

Something that surprised me from this article was how little students opinions matter with the debate of sex education and other subjects. I think maybe they should take a survey from students and then act upon the students opinions if it should be incorporated. A survey is just an option, but maybe it could be a deciding factor in the addition of a certain class.


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  1. I like that you write down that making curriculum is a difficult navigation between the many opinions and views that have a stake in its creation. One question I have: Do you think the majority of teachers are wanting sex education included in the curriculum or might there be some who are possibly opposed? Why is it such a controversial issue?


  2. Hi Ben,
    I like how you referenced the idea of curriculum is based on social aspects and what is happening in society. From the time curriculum is made to the time it gets to teachers, a lot of this can change in society, this is why curriculum can seem outdated even if it is brand new.
    Thanks for sharing.


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