Traditional Ways Of Knowing

Week #6 –Reading Response:

  • The most important act of decolonization I noticed and read from the article was how they talked about the traditional Mushkegowuk ways of learning through the word paquataskamik which describes the natural environment that supports life. We have definitely looked passed traditional ways of learning from the natural environment. We basically see decolonization through traditional ways of learning through Indigenous ways of knowing and education is less based on how the environment gives us opportunity. We need to honor and preserve the traditional ways of learning through the Indigenous more instead of just completely looking passed and forgetting Indigenous ways of learning. Decolonization can have generational affects which is why it’s really important that we incorporate indigenous knowledges in classrooms.


  • Ways that I could adapt these traditional ideas of Indigenous knowledge is just making sure that kids understand how to respect and preserve Indigenous identity. We can’t forget the traditional ways of knowing and learning because I think that’s what makes Indigenous people feel the most decolonized with the lack of and acknowledging traditional values. As a teacher, we need to find ways to incorporate and preserve indigenous knowledges in our classroom so they don’t go unforgotten.

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  1. Hello, Ben.
    I agree that it is important to preserve and respect Indigenous cultures and we as teachers can help do this by teaching about the culture. However, we cannot forget about the other students in our class who may be, for example, immigrants or refugees. I believe it is important to teach about all students’ cultures.
    Thanks for sharing,


  2. I completely agree that we need to preserve the traditional ways of knowing as well as the Indigenous cultures through authentic connections with the Indigenous cultures. The article connected the Elders and the youth which is so important for passing on the history.As teachers we need to continually support how important it is to teach Canada’s history to our students.


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