Treaty Education

Week #7 –Reading Response

After reading the email mike received, it made me think back to times where I was in elementary school or high school and what I was taught about Treaty Education. Growing up in a small town, I went to schools that had very little Indigenous people and now thinking about it I was taught almost nothing too little about Treaty Education. Honestly it is sad, and I know going to a Catholic school may have a big part in why I didn’t learn as much as I should but still treaty Education is a huge part of Canadian identity and what we have built our foundations off of for being Canadian.

The purpose of teaching Treaty Education where there is few to no Indigenous people is because that is our Canadian identity and how our identity is shaped. It doesn’t matter if you live in an Indigenous community or not, Indigenous people deserve respect and not be forgotten especially in Saskatchewan. We need to preserve the Indigenous knowledge or else it will die and Treaty Education is one of the biggest parts of our Canadian history. How do we let one of the biggest parts of Canadian history be lost? Like I said, I have experienced it myself, I got hardly any Treaty Education background when I was in school and I feel like if we don’t correct this issue in our schools it will get worse. It’s not like my schools were negative towards Indigenous knowledges, but they definitely didn’t make an effort to go out of their way to implement Treaty Education in the curriculum. One of my goals as a future educator is to make sure my students know our history of Indigenous people so they grow with more knowledge than I did when I was going through school when I was younger. The purpose of teaching Treaty Education is to acknowledge our Indigenous people and to make sure that there is no loss of respect for not only Indigenous people but the Canadian identity itself.

My understanding of the term “We are all treaty people” is that treaties are a major part of Canadian history meaning that we are all in this together. By saying that, I think as Canadians it is important to understand our culture’s history and why things are the way that they are. If we don’t implement a solid foundation of Treaty Education in curriculums we lose a huge part of knowing about our Canadian identity and it is a huge loss of respect towards Indigenous cultures. We are Canadian, this is our history, we need to know it!

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