Week #9 – Reading Response

Looking back to learning about mathematics, I can’t remember too much about whether it was being oppressive or discriminating where I have gone too school. I noticed in the textbooks that we got for math was always including other cultures, whether it was for solving problems in a question by incorporating different cultural values or even little notes along the side of the page that contained facts about different cultures. I also noticed that when they showed pictures of people in the textbook there were always different races of people and showed diversity. I have never been a great math student and something I found discriminating was the stereotype of men being always good at math and that was kind of something I grew up around. I also thought it was interesting how we talked about in class that there are hardly any Indigenous math teachers and now thinking about, I haven’t had any Indigenous math teachers and often I see men math teachers more often than women. I can remember I have only had 1 math teacher who was a woman which was in high school when I was growing up.

3 ways I noticed that the Inuit ways of teaching mathematics challenge Eurocentric ideas was how instead of just learning modern ways of measuring with a ruler they also use past ways of knowing how to measure things by using parts of the body like the finger and foot. Another way of challenging Eurocentric Ideas was their way of counting. They learn how to count in Inuit 1stbefore they reach grade three then they start learning numbers in French and English. The last one that goes against Eurocentric ideas is that the Inuit use a base-20 numeral system. All these are very interesting ways of teaching mathematics in the Inuit culture.

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