Reading Response – Week #10

  1. I think that school has shaped my view on the world by making me realize that everyone is different and we have to respect everyones differences. No one is the same, and we have to understand that in order to make sense of why some things happen in the world we need to realize we all have opinions which are different. A bias I that I would bring to the classroom is most people learn the same way I do, so I should teach the way I’d want to learn. Understanding that everyone is different will help me realize that I need to have multiple strategies when I teach. You could work against this bias by getting to know students and understand the learning culture in the classroom and we all learn differently in regards to speed of learning, and how students respond to how a teacher speaks etc…


  1. Single stories that were presented in my schooling was probably to do with religion as I went through a Catholic education system when I was growing up. In terms of religion, we were taught way more about the Catholic system than any other religion and the Catholic religion was never compared to other religions when I was in school. Learning this in school has definitely shaped the way how I see other religions. In the end the only truth that matters is what you think is right.

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