Creative Journal #4 ESCI

For creative journal number four, I have decided to share a couple pictures from my childhood. In the first one (it’s kind of blurry), is me and one of my friends playing outside on hill by my house made of snow. We would spend hours sledding down it and playing on it. Even though this hill was just across the street, my friend and I were the first ones on it. We waited eagerly to get on the hill as we watched it being made from my house across the street. Since we were the first ones on it, we felt as if it was okay to call it ours because no one was using it, disregarding anyone else who lived around the hill.

Now looking back on it and what we have learned about colonization, I think this is a good way to connect my past experiences to what we have been learning. Obviously as a kid your more likely to be less understanding of situations, but as my friend and I went and claimed that hill as “ours” we weren’t thinking about the property it was actually on or if anyone owned it. This is an example of colonization since we thought no one was using it, or going to use it, it was ours to have now. We automatically took ownership. With learning about colonization in class and reflecting back on my past experiences as a kid, I now know for the future to be more cautious to what I call “mine”. In my situation, even though the hill was there, it was still someone else’s land it was on which doesn’t give me the right to claim it mine. Just because you think something isn’t being used, or your unaware of something being used I think its important to do research before you claim something as yours, because there is a chance you could be disrupting a home, piece of land or someones way of living for your own use.

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