Creative Journal #5 ESCI


Reflecting on what my own homemade ceremonies are for my last journal entry, I have decided to talk about my family religion and how it relates to the ceremonies that we do. On an honest note, my family doesn’t have any traditional ceremonies that offer anything that directly relates to Earth, but let me tell you, my mom loves taking family pictures outside for many holidays to remember ceremonies or celebrations. We do love being outside when it’s possible for our ceremonies if the weather cooperates. We like to do lots of family skating in the winter when it’s cold and celebrate birthdays outside when its warm.  We are a pretty traditional Catholic family. Our ceremonies are basic catholic traditions such as celebrating Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and others. When we go to church, a tradition is always going for Sunday brunch after and hanging out taking time to relax.

When looking at the quote “Ceremonies large and small have the power to focus attention to a way of living awake in the world”, for some reason,  it really made me realize that ceremonies are a good way to connect with the people you know regardless of the circumstance. Everyone has busy lives and I think, especially when my whole family gets together, it is a lot of catching up with each other and talking. Ceremonies “awake the world” by uplifting connections between people. In my families case, in regards to being catholic, our Easter, Christmas and thanksgiving celebrations are a happy and good time. I think that the good intentions that my family ceremonies have really wake the people in my family by getting away from the reality of our everyday lives.

Regardless of what religion or anything you celebrate or believe I think it’s important to realize that there are many beliefs in the world and everyone has their own opinions. With that being said it’s important keep that in mind and respect everyone’s beliefs. When we were at the Residential School First Nation Burial ground, it really made me think about what my family traditions and ceremonies were in collation to what First Nations people believed or other people in the class and it was interesting to see that there are lots of variety in beliefs. It was great to see the variety of similarities and differences.

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