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As time passes, certain necessities may start disappearing. We do not have unlimited resources. The Aboriginal people needed a way to survive so they looked at each other realizing they could use the land to help them survive. As there was less and less buffalo and other animals to live off of, they needed to farm to enable them to live. At the time, the thought of farming the land was easier said than done. As the west was still in a developing mode, the land was unknown to be farm worthy or not. Aboriginal people were one of the earliest and largest groups to attempt agriculture west of the Red River settlement.

When exploring the west for new land, it was not easy. Many struggles and bumps along the road occurred. Obviously coming to a new piece of land, there were many battles with the environment. When Aboriginal people came west they did not have much ability to farm because their technology and knowledge was not mastered. They had many technology malfunctions and weather issues which heavily worked against them. Many people questioned the First Nations people and had lots of misinterpretations on them which created issues that were not necessary.

During the reading “We Must Farm to Enable Us to live, The Plains Cree and Agriculture to 1900’s,” the article talked about how disinterested the government in Canada was in having Aboriginal people farming. The Canadian government was giving Aboriginal a tough time and going against them as farmers. The Canadian government would never really spot or give the Aboriginal people anything. They needed help and the Canadian government sort of just sat back and watched them struggle. Aboriginal people had to go to the government themselves and ask for materials to help them farm. Eventually treaties were made to ensure the farmers had the tools they needed. When they received the tools they came too late, as the conditions and climate they were working with was already bad enough they could not do anything.

The treaties that were made between the government of Canada and Aboriginal people were not respected like they should have been. The treaties were not taken seriously and the government sort of disowned and took advantage of the Aboriginal people. The government of Canada had some efforts put into helping Aboriginal people with their farming but it was a very poor and disorganized effort. As the buffalo and other animals were rapidly declining they realized they need to figure out farming or they will die of starvation.

Non-Aboriginal people could have helped Aboriginal people so much in this situation. The problem of not being able to farm could have been easily avoided and solved. The Non-Aboriginal people took lots away that the Aboriginal people had. Life for an Aboriginal person was very difficult to survive at the time because of the conflict between the government and them. There could have been so much more effort put in by the Canadian government but for some reason the government decided to act like the Aboriginal people were not even there.

As farming for Aboriginal people got tougher, more people started abandoning the agriculture side of things. People could not waste their time with it when they had starving families to feed. There was lots of untouched land that could have been started and this problem could have been easily avoided if the government would have put more effort into educate these people. The Aboriginal people were treated very unfairly and given not much opportunity.

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