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Racism in Saskatchewan

Once again we have another hiccup or bump in the road with the ongoing struggles of racism. Racism is found all over the world and is one of the biggest problems of today’s society. Colten Boushie, a twenty-two year old Cree man was fatally shot by a white man Gerald Stanley on Gerald Stanley’s property. Boushie, after a day of drinking with his friends rolled into Stanley’s farm, armed with a weapon, creating some havoc and Stanley pulled the trigger killing Boushie. Why it is such a big deal is because it is a First Nation person against white person.

Throughout the article “After Boushie: It’s Time For Honest Talk About Racism in Saskatchewan” by Brenda MacDougall, I gained some eye opening facts and ongoing debates about racism in society. The first fact I gained from this article was how terrible some of the comments online were. People did not care how racist the comments were in their head, they had no problem of posting them online. The bashing and negative hate comments online was absolutely outrageous. One of the quotes I took from the article was, “Time to go all cowboy and Indian on these useless leeches in society that live off everyone else.” That quote was written online by someone regarding the Boushie case. The second fact I gathered from the article was how white people are always victimized of being “bad guys” when it comes to a dispute between  different cultures and how white people are always the racist ones which is not true. White people are always kind of made to look like it’s their fault. If it was another Indigenous person who shot Boushie, there would not have been as big of a deal as if it was a white person, because white people are always looked at being the racist in this type of situation. “The Very sad truth is that being ‘white’ we can be discriminated upon more than any other race and no one faces any repercussions.” The last fact that I got from this article was simply that Indigenous people and white people need to understand each other. We need to forget about the stereotypes that are rooted in each other and respect everyone. It is not a competition between Indigenous people and white people. We need to stop competing and help each other out. The three facts I stated I find really important for people to know as they are eye opening.

One question I have after reading not necessarily just this article but other articles and the whole trial and case of Bushie, is why people automatically thought Stanley shooting him was an act of racism and how everything finished out in court in the end was an act of racism. People automatically turned to “it was an act of racism.” I do not always think that is the case.

One thing that puzzles me is that how people of different races always think white people are the most racist. One bad thing happens and all fingers point towards white people. People think that whenever there is a problem between a white person and a different race the white person wins which is totally untrue. I think white people are discriminated as much as any other race. This article is a little bit of a touchy subject but I really enjoyed reading it and hearing some different opinions.

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